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Professional solar panel cleaning

Improves energy output and efficiency

To achieve optimum return on your investment in solar panel technology, it makes sound business sense to keep the system clean and working as efficiently as possible.
Just like your windows, solar panels get dirty from general grime in the air and minerals in rain water, reducing sun penetration. It has been estimated that over 10% of energy output can easily be lost when solar panels are dirty or affected by hard shading [like bird droppings].

According to Which:
“Although the panels are self-cleaning when installed on an ideal roof slope, it is a good idea to have the solar panels cleaned occasionally. How often you clean them will depend on the slope of your roof and on how much dirt, such as bird droppings and leaves, they accumulate.”

Springs is pleased to offer a quality, cost-effective solar panel cleaning service to help maximise efficiency. Rather than using solvents or cleaning agents that can damage your equipment, we use Pure Water - a proven, solar panel cleaning system that is gentle, yet effective.

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