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Agricultural solar panel cleaning

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An increasing number of farms are using solar panel installations on agricultural buildings and land to reduce energy spend and create a revenue stream. Vast rooftop areas and/or unused land provide the ideal locations for systems that not only offset high energy consumption, but deliver a ‘pay back’ through the Feed-in-Tariff.

Regular photovoltaic panel cleaning is essential if you are to see a consistent return on your investment - panels can accumulate dust and other debris, particularly during the harvest season and across the dry summer months.

“The accumulation of dust on the surface of a photovoltaic module decreases the radiation reaching the solar cell and produces losses in the generated power. Dust not only reduces the radiation on the solar cell, but also changes the dependence on the angle of incidence of such radiation. Our results show that the mean of the daily energy loss along a year caused by dust deposited on the surface of the PV module is around 4.4%. In long periods without rain, daily energy losses can be higher than 20%.”

Source: ‘Analysis of Dust Losses in Photovoltaic Modules’, World Renewable Energy Congress 2011, Sweden

Springs cost-effective solar panel cleaning literally pays for itself, in large installations within a matter of weeks.

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