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Commercial solar panels

Springs cleaning for maximum energy output

Photovoltaic panels can become a ‘magnet’ for dirt, dust, industrial residues, atmospheric pollution, algae, moss, minerals and salts in the rain water, bird droppings and spider webs. These all reduce the system’s efficiency and rain alone cannot be relied upon to keep solar panels clean.

Springs uses Pure Water, a proven solar panel cleaning system that is gentle yet removes dirt and residues effectively.

The results are impressive – many industrial and commercial solar panel customers report excellent energy yield increases after cleaning.

We’re pleased to offer high-level rooftop solar panel cleaning for all commercial installations including those at schools, supermarkets, hotels, warehousing and industrial units.

For optimum energy output, we recommend cleaning your panels twice a year. 

  • The best time to clean solar panels is in Spring - between April and June to maximise sunlight.
  • We then suggest a second clean in Autumn/Winter to clean off all the Summer dust.

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