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Why Pure Water?

Pure Water

Springs mobile system purifies normal water using reverse osmosis and de-mineralising resin to remove over 99% of dissolved solids. This leaves Pure Water that is gently aggressive and possesses a strong urge to return to its’ former impure state. In so doing, it absorbs dirt left behind by the elements once it is applied to exterior surfaces. This powerful cleaning agent consistently removes stubborn residues and dries to leave a spotless, streak free finish on glass, solar panels, cladding and every surface it touches.

Traditional window cleaning uses a detergent solution whilst cleaning, however the glass is technically not clean due to there being a slight film of chemical which then attracts dirt back onto the glass within a short space of time. When the glass is cleaned properly using a WfP system it will result in better results that last longer.

Cleaning in the rain

Whilst not entirely an old wives tale, the change of conditions and lack of heavy industrial manufacturing in the UK means it is perfectly acceptable to clean windows in light/medium rain. Due to the fact that rain water itself only has @6ppm* this can actually help the cleaning process, not hinder it.
*6 parts per million/mineral content as measured on a TDS meter.

4 Stage Process.

To produce Pure water, Springs has a bespoke water system that first eliminates all unwanted solids and chlorine from the water supply. We then pump this at high pressure through a Reverse Osmosis membrane that removes all unwanted minerals. The water then passes through the final stage of de-ionising beads to produce 100% pure water ready to clean your premises.

This water when measured on a TDS meter will give a "0" reading .... that is 0 [zero] parts per million/mineral deposit!

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