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Sanitisation and Infection Control Cleaning

Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, spores, viruses and fungi.

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Our experienced technicians are equipped with the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), respiratory protective equipment (RPE) and specialist disinfection equipment to carry out infection control cleaning and sanitisation safely and effectively. 

Exterior Sanitisation
The specialist solution used by Springs is proven effective against Clostridium difficile, MRSA, Norovirus, Swine Flu and Ebola along with similar emerging viruses. Bacteria, when left to colonise a surface, form what is known as a biofilm which is made up of millions of bacterium within the colony plus their secretions. The catonic techonology coats the surface it is applied to and any microorganisms that are on the surface, ultimately stopping reproduction of the colony, breaking down the spores/cells and destroying them. In essence, this means that over time the surfaces will become biologically cleaner for longer.

Touch-point cleaning

This ensures those parts of your office which most often come into contact with people are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. This first sanitisation clean will reduce the risk of infection on high traffic surfaces such as handrails, desktops, telephone equipment, door handles, sinks, light switches, entry keypads and computer keyboards. This will be complemented by either external sanitisation or internal fogging to reduce the risk of infection.

Internal Fogging
Fogging is a sanitising system that generates a force of air which transports finely atomised solution across large areas on to surfaces and equipment to disinfect on areas of many objects, surfaces and inaccessible areas. This settles on surfaces killing 99.9% of bacteria, spores, viruses and fungi on contact including Coronavirus (COVID-19), Clostridium difficile, MRSA and Norovirus. The system is a unique, robust, adaptable solution which is designed for customers who need to reduce the possibility of infection through contact with surfaces and equipment in a variety of locations.
This system is ideal for reducing the possibility of infection in Commercial environments as the process leaves your premises as infection-free as is possible. As a further example, conventional cleaning is not enough to get rid of MRSA. Fogging IS effective at removing MRSA and kills a wide range of pathogens.

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