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Benefits of Cleaning

Better still, let Springs clean them!

Concerned about the drop in energy generated by solar panels installed at its Mountain View headquarters, Google questioned whether solar panels should be cleaned or not. It analysed the huge amount of data it had collected about energy production – after rain, cleaning and at different times of year.

The results – particularly those for flat solar panel applications – speak for themselves:
“We cleaned these panels for the first time after they had been in operation for 15 months, and their energy output doubled overnight. When we cleaned them again eight months later, their output instantly increased by 36 percent. In fact, we found that cleaning these panels is the No1 way to maximize the energy they produce. As a result, we've added the carport solar panels to our spring cleaning checklist.”
Source: http://googleblog.blogspot.co.uk/2009/07/should-you-spring-clean-your-solar.html

Evidence indeed that an effective cleaning schedule can help to keep your solar panels generating optimum power and revenue.

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